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Human Resources


Human Resources

                       Amy Sipes, Human Resources Director

The Human Resources Department for Northmont City Schools oversees and coordinates the quality operations of the personnel who service the students of our community. Conscientious efforts are made to assure compliance with state and federal regulations in the hiring of certified and classified personnel, along with the organization of coaches, volunteers and chaperons who assist with student activities. All contracts are issued and reviewed in conjunction with the Treasurer’s Office.

To accomplish this, the Human Resources Department

  • Maintains the Negotiated Agreement with Northmont District Education Association (NDEA)
  • Maintains the Negotiated Agreement with Northmont Classified Employees Association (NCEA)
  • Recommends to the Superintendent personnel to be hired by the Northmont Board of Education
  • Posts Vacancies: certified and classified
  • Coordinates substitutes for certified and classified personnel
  • Maintains personnel files
  • Updates and reviews medical, dental and life insurance policies
  • Monitors and reviews certification
  • Coordinates employees safety committee
  • Actively participates on the Local Professional Development Committee (LPDC)
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