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Business Services


Business Services

Brandon Knecht

The Business Services department administers the support services of Northmont Schools, including purchasing, food service, and operations, plus financial budgeting and forecasting.

Northmont is a member of the Southwestern Ohio Educational Purchasing Council, a collection of 126 school districts from 18 counties.  The collective purchasing power of the council generates considerable savings for Northmont for items from classroom supplies and custodial materials to medical and liability fleet property insurance.

The Business Department regularly monitors budget accounts and manages cost control programs to maximize the district's financial resources.


Jason Watson, Director of Operations

The Operations department at Northmont City Schools provides more than half of the non-educational support to the students and staff of the district. Because of what the people in Operations do, the educational programs continue seamlessly day in and day out.

From the 50 school buses that cover some 2800 miles each day, delivering students to and from school, to the building maintenance staff that keep the buildings and equipment operating at peak efficiency, to the warehouse staff who provide not only the materials for learning but also take care of the basic necessities of life during each school day.

The building maintenance staff consists of 6 full-time professionals who along with some part-time summer help maintain 11 facilities or over 548,000 square feet of building space along with 196 acres of grounds.

Even with the budget tightening, maintenance still goes on. Northmont's Preventive Maintenance Program has made it possible to sustain budget cuts in major projects and still maintain safe and comfortable facilities for students and staff. The district maintenance department works hard to keep the facilities in operating order and the work doesn't diminish in the summer time. Work is constantly being done to make repairs and replacements to equipment that can't be accomplished during the school year.

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