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Welcome to

Northmont High School

Principal: George Caras
4916 National Road
Clayton, Ohio 45315
Attendance:  937-832-6068

Over the years, Northmont High School has built a tradition of excellence in all areas.  The academic program has been designed to serve students with a range of abilities, interests, and aspirations.  The student activities program has been recognized for outstanding performances in athletics, drama, music and student publications, as well as for its diversity. 

In the tradition of excellence at Northmont High School, students take their studies seriously, while participating and assuming leadership roles in student activities, preparing themselves for their future roles as independent, resourceful, lifelong learners. 

If you are having trouble accessing your Progress Book account, please send your request to 

Progress Book Administrator




The Academic Challenge team is geared up for another exciting winter portion of the season. Thus far this season, the team has already won 7 tournaments, including a college tournament against all college teams!

The Academic team's preliminary Brain Game episode against St. Charles has been posted on the 10TV website here:

On Saturday, the Academic Challenge team traveled to Copley HS in Akron for the largest tournament in the history of the state- 96 teams. At the end of the day, Northmont was the only undefeated team in the field, winning the prestigious Copley Invitational. Pictured from left to right are Rachel, Brendon, Sam and Kara . The team will compete in three local tournaments over the next three weeks before heading to San Antonio, Texas over spring break to compete against the top 25 teams in the nation at the two-day Texas Invitational.  

Additionally, it was officially announced on Friday, that Northmont has made the final four of the Westfield Insurance Brain Game. The date of the taping has yet to be announced, but Northmont will play Dublin Jerome at 9:30 am, then the other semifinal (Grandview Heights vs. Wellington) will take place at 10:30 before the championship game is played at 12:45. I will let you know the taping date when it is announced, but it will be on a school day sometime in March. Northmont is the only school to win the Brain Game more than once, and the winner will take home a $4,000 check. We are guaranteed $1,500 just for being in the final four.
Go Bolts!

Globe-trotting!! The team has already qualified to two national championship tournaments: NAQT on May 30-31 in Chicago and PACE on June 6-7 in Washington DC. In February, Northmont will attempt to qualify for the National History Bowl National Championship tournament at the end of April in Washington DC. The team also accepted an invitation to play in the exclusive Texas Open quiz bowl tournament over spring break in San Antonio, Texas. This will be the second time that Northmont has competed in this tournament (having traveled to Houston, TX two years ago).
State Tournaments Upcoming!! March and April will bring the beginning of state tournaments. Northmont is the first team to ever win the NAQT and OAC state championships in the same year, and we have done it twice in a row. The team will try to win the first leg of making it three in row on April 11th at St. Charles. 

Upcoming Schedule:
March 7th: Yellow Jacket Invitational (Sidney)
March 14th: History Bowl State Championship (Tipp City)
March 21st: University of Findlay Tournament (Findlay)
March 28-29: Texas Quiz Bowl Open (San Antonio, TX)
April 11th: NAQT State Championship (Columbus, OH)

For more information check out their web page: Academic Challenge

Ohio Graduation Testing

10/27 - 10/31: Juniors/Seniors that have not passed one or more tests will be tested periods 1 - 3 in the VMR or IMC Back Lab. Students will be issued passes on the day(s) they are to report for testing. Make ups will be scheduled 11/3 -11/6.

3/16 -3/20 All Sophomores (including reclassified freshmen) and Juniors/Seniors that have not passed one or more tests. A modified daily schedule for the High School will be developed. Make ups will be scheduled 3/23 - 3/27.

PARCC/AIR Performance Based Assessments (PBA)

2/24 Freshmen (LA Part 1)​
2/26 Freshmen (LA Part 2)
2/27 Freshmen (LA Part 3)
3/2 Freshmen (Math Part 1)
3/3 Freshmen (Math Part 2)
3/4 Sophomores (American History)
3/5 Juniors (2nd Semester Government)

All the PBA assessments will be done online using the IMC Labs and the small gym. Students will test each day with the time ranging from 60 to 90 minutes. Make up testing will be scheduled the following week. More details will be available later.

PARCC/AIR End of Year (EOY)

​4/28 Freshmen (LA Part 1)
4/29 Freshmen (LA Part 2)
4/30 Freshmen (Math Part 1)
5/1 Freshmen (Math Part 2)
5/4 Sophomores (American History)
5/5 Juniors (2nd Semester Government)

All the EOY assessments will be done online using the IMC Labs and the small gym. Students will test each day with the time ranging from 60 to 90 minutes. Make up testing will be scheduled the following week. More details will be available later.

National Assessment of Educational Progress (Paper and Pencil)

2/25 the ODE selected Northmont to participate in the NAEP tests. Approximately 125 seniors randomly selected will test in Language Arts, Math, and Science.

College Credit Plus (CCP or CC+) 

(Formerly PSEO and Dual Credit)

Current Ohio laws permits high school students to participate in a program called College Credit Plus (formerly Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) and Dual Credit.)
The law also requires counseling services to all interested students and parents. For those interested, it is mandatory that both students and parents attend this meeting. Three meeting times are offered for your convenience. Please plan accordingly.

Monday, February 9, 2015, 6:30 p.m.  Northmont High School Auditorium
Wednesday, April 8, 2015, 1:30 p.m.  Northmont High School Lecture Hall A
Thursday, April 9, 2015, 7:30 a.m.    Northmont High School Lecture Hall A

Northmont's brand new student news website

has arrived and is LIVE!

This website publishes the work of the Northmont journalism program.  They have been working furiously on the website for five weeks, investigating, reporting, interviewing, photographing, and writing.

  • You will be able to read the daily announcements, which will be posted by 8:30am8:30 a.m. EVERY DAY
  • There is a rotating carousel at the top of the home page, where top stories will rotate
  • Our students have selected a myriad of topics where they will write regular weekly and monthly features (like D-I-Why Not?, Argyle and Archer's Haphazard Advice, the Ukrainian Korner, and What Would Jaylin Do?)
  • We have some amazing local sponsors and their ads will rotate throughout the site (if you click on their ad, it takes you to their website!)
  • We have a sports ticker with the latest sports scores
  • The staff bio page is extremely "entertaining"
  • We are able to add photo, after photo, after photo, after photo...

Please, please encourage your students to check it out.  There will be new content EVERY DAY.  It is mobile- and tablet-friendly, and captures what journalism is about as we move into 2015.  Though this will not entirely replace print, we have laid the T-Bolt Tribune newsprint to rest and you can expect a full-color news magazine from us in May that will showcase the best of the website!

Parking Tags for 2014-15 School Year

Construction will continue to cause issues with Student Parking. The plan is going to work slightly different for this school year.  Spaces will be given to Seniors on a first come first serve basis starting August 4th.  Currently, the plan is to issue Staff Tags to 70 PSEO or Flash Card Seniors allowing them to park in the front Staff Lot.  All other seniors will be issued an Orange Senior Parking Tag that will allow them to park in the Back Senior Parking Lot for the 2014-15 School year.  No Seniors will be allowed to park in either the Front Staff Lot or Senior Back Lot without the proper vehicle tags.  

Sophomores and Juniors will be allowed to purchase Tags, after they have paid school fees, at schedule pick up starting August 12th; which will allow them to park in the Lot Directly behind the Middle School.  No Vehicles will be allowed to park in the stadium parking lots until further notice.  Please obey the 10 mph speed limit and all traffic signs to safely enter and exit  the East Stadium Drive.  Parents use this for M.S. Drop off and Pick Up. 

All Parking Tags Cost $28 per school year / $7 per Quarter and should be purchased prior to driving onto school grounds.
  Thank you for your cooperation.


Traffic Patterns for H.S. and M.S.

For the 2014-2015 School Year

Middle School Student Drop Off

Parents dropping off Middle School students will enter on Stadium Drive and proceed south following a slight curve to the right and drop off the students on the East Side of the M.S. building.  The driver will then make two left turns and exit out of stadium drive back onto Rt. 40 where they entered.  No one is allowed in the M.S. front parking lot, which is reserved for Bus's.

High School Student Drop Off

From Rt 40 North – Using the Far North Crestway Entrance, make a left then an immediate Rt. Turn and proceed south on the “One Way Drive” to drop off students at Door 4. (This will be opposite of years past.)

From South Crestway – Using the far south newer gravel road entrance, turn Right and enter the Student Parking Lot Behind the High School.  Loop around the far end of that lot and turn left onto the exit drive by door 5 and 6.  Exit being cautious of the drop off traffic coming south from Door 4.

Student Parking by Permit Only

Seniors will be issued specialty tags that will direct them to the parking lot that they may park in.  All other students with parking tags will park on a first come first serve basis in the lot behind the middle school and then the West Stadium Parking Lot. No cars should be parked in the North Stadium Parking Lot.  All students parking east of the High School will need to walk behind the M.S. then between the Construction Fence and the Middle School building to arrive at the front sidewalk used by students riding buses.  Students will still enter/exit the High School through the Court Yard as in years past.

New Graduation Requirements Beginning with the
Class of 2018 - Click here for information




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