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Welcome to

Northmont High School

Principal: George Caras
4916 National Road
Clayton, Ohio 45315
Attendance:  937-832-6068

Over the years, Northmont High School has built a tradition of excellence in all areas.  The academic program has been designed to serve students with a range of abilities, interests, and aspirations.  The student activities program has been recognized for outstanding performances in athletics, drama, music and student publications, as well as for its diversity. 

In the tradition of excellence at Northmont High School, students take their studies seriously, while participating and assuming leadership roles in student activities, preparing themselves for their future roles as independent, resourceful, lifelong learners. 

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                                 NHS "N" THE NEWS

Congratulations to the Academic Challenge team- STATE CHAMPIONS!
The Academic team traveled to Columbus and successfully defended our NAQT state championship. Each year, Ohio has three state championship tournaments for academic challenge (one televised, one in the national format, and one in the Ohio format- confusing, I know). Last year, Northmont became the first school ever to win 2 in the same year when we won the national and Ohio formats. This year, we won the televised tournament in March, won the national format tournament yesterday, and will compete for the Ohio format state title on May 3. If we win, we would be the first team to ever win all three in a single year, something that will be incredibly hard for anyone to ever repeat. 

With the win yesterday, Northmont has won more NAQT state titles (3) than anyone in the history of the state.
The team previously defeated Trotwood, Sidney and Piqua to run their league record winning streak to 96 games in a row. The team also clinched the GWOC title for the 6th year in a row with their win over rival Sidney. Great job team! Northmont has also qualified 3 teams to the National History Bowl National Championship in Washington DC. The team of Sam Blizzard and Erin Laing won the varsity bowl, while the team of Helena Jenkins, Meghan Jenkins, Brendon Jenkins and Robbie Spilker finished 2nd in the JV division and the team of Maggie Laing, Aubri Pritchett, Rachel Tracy and Kara Combs finished 3rd. All three teams qualify to go to DC. In the individual competition, Sam Blizzard won the varsity competition, while Helena Jenkins edged teammate Robbie Spilker in the finals to win the JV competition. Great job everyone!!

Congratulations to Jobs for Grads students who competed in Regional Career Development Conference competition. Winning 8 out of 10 events and placing 2nd in the other 2 events. 
1st place winners:
Ashlee Sullivan - Application Techniques
Eve Conrad - Decision Making
Sami Scarfo - E-Portfolio
Kelsey Gray - Employability Skills Test
Alyssa LeConey - Interviewing Skills 
Shani McMichael - Public Speaking
Megan Mathews - Telephone Techniques
Arielle Baldwin, Tristin Bradley, Matt Kohr, Kayla Mathis - Team Challenge
2nd place winners:
Mat Paulson, Lexy Swindell, Kayla Witherspoon - JOG Jeopardy
Janel Gordon and Deonna Harris - Students for Service
Jada Faison - E-Portfolio
3rd place winner:
Justin Patterson - E-Portfolio
E-portfolio was only event with multiple participants per school, we swept all 3 places
All 1st place winners will compete in State CDC competition in Columbus on May 5th.

The Northmont DECA Chapter competed at the State DECA Conference.  The kids worked really hard to get here and put a lot of work into at the conference.  We had 1 first in Ohio and 3 other place 4th and qualify for Nationals.

Caitlin Cuesta - 1st Place Hospitality and Tourism Professional Selling
Ryan Smith and JT Mackay - 4th Fashion Merchandising Promotional Plan
Mia Disalvo - 4th Restaurant and Food Services Series Event

The following placed Top Ten
Daniel Vuong
Chris Beecroft
Brock Szlestey
Rachel Garlitz
Sierra Sanders
Kirsten Pullins
Taylor Johnson
Alex Despain

138 students from some of the top schools in the Dayton area took the Chemistry Olympiad test offered by the American Chemical Society.  Northmont sent our top seven chemistry students.
They received the following places:
1  Philip Shepard
4 Sam Blizzard
6 Alex Morgan
7 Hao Tran 
9 Matt Sells
18 Stephanie Maiorano (tied)
18 Robbie Spilker (tied)

The top ten students in the area qualify to compete for up to $1000 scholarship. Congratulations to all seven students!!!

The Constitution team of Sam Blizzard, Eve Conrad, Erin Brown, DaJa Lee, Sam Albright, Rachel Hill, Krispin Decamp, Randall Bierman, Evan Duffy, Evan Wells, Enzo Libertini, and Toni Bernardi competed at the We The People State Competition at the Ohio State House in Columbus. The bolts brought home a 4th place win.
Congratulations to the Northmont High School Mock Trial Team's Green and White that competed in District Competition. Team Green Plaintiff won their first round taking all three judges ballots. Naimeh Saleh won the Best Attorney and Angela Koukoulas won the Best Witness  awards. Team Green Defense lost their round but Katie Howard came away with the Best Witness award. 
Team White Plaintiff won their first round with Dj Lieberman winning Best Attorney award and Kayla Auxier winning the Best Witness award. Team White Defense lost their round. A good showing, however students will not advance to Regionals.

We Are Northmont!  

 Traffic Patterns for H.S. and M.S.

For the

2013-2014 School Year

Middle School Student Drop Off

Parents dropping off Middle School students will enter on Stadium Drive and proceed south following a slight curve to the right and drop off the students on the East Side of the M.S. building.  The driver will then make two left turns and exit out of stadium drive back onto Rt. 40 where they entered.  No one is allowed in the M.S. front parking lot, which is reserved for Bus's.

High School Student Drop Off

From Rt 40 North – Using the Far North Crestway Entrance, make a left then an immediate Rt. Turn and proceed south on the “One Way Drive” to drop off students at Door 4. (This will be opposite of years past.)

From South Crestway – Using the far south newer gravel road entrance, turn Right and enter the Student Parking Lot Behind the High School.  Loop around the far end of that lot and turn left onto the exit drive by door 5 and 6.  Exit being cautious of the drop off traffic coming south from Door 4.

Student Parking by Permit Only

Parking Permits will be issued on a first come first serve basis with seniors being given priority spaces.  All other students with parking tags will park on a first come first serve basis in the lot behind the middle school and the West Stadium Parking Lot. No cars should be parked in the North Stadium Parking Lot.  All students parking east of the High School will need to walk behind the M.S. then between the Construction Fence and the Middle School building to arrive at the front sidewalk used by students riding buses.  Students will still enter/exit the High School through the Court Yard as in years past.