Drama Club

WHO:  Drama Club is open to everyone!  Anyone can audition or join one of the tech crews.  

WHAT:  The Drama Club is an organization of over 100 students that produces and performs at least 3 theatrical productions a year, including a play, a musical, and something unique in the spring.  Members also get opportunities to attend conferences, write their own scripts, and learn valuable skills.

WHEN:  Our season begins in the fall and continues throughout the school year.  The main focuses are the big shows in our season.  Be sure to check the Info board in the L.A. Hallway or listen to announcements for when our meetings or auditions are.

WHERE:  Meetings and rehearsals will be held in the choir room.

CONTACT:  Mr. Ranger Puterbaugh (Performing Arts Teacher)         rputerbaugh@northmontschools.net