The Northmont DECA chapter competed in the annual District competition on Thursday, January 30th and didn't fail to impress. 

Total from both chapters, the team had 38 state qualifiers and 48 medal winners.  

Northmont DECA I - had 31 State Qualifiers and 38 Medal Winners

Northmont DECA II - 7 State Qualifiers and 10 Medal Winners 

State Qualifiers 


Chasity Knight - Professional Selling 

Christian Hinegardner - Integrated Marketing Campaign - Event 

Priya Armour and Sara Ogle - Hospitality Services Team

Katie Sullivan and Katelyn Tucker - Buying and Merchandising Team 

Jaden Peeks and Jayla Peeks - Sports and Entertainment Team 

Jillian Gough - Entrepreneurship Series 

Lindsey Dresnek- Business Services Series 

Aaryn Pachal - Human Resources Management Series 

Ellie Frantz - Sports and Entertainment Series Event 



Jelise Anderson - Hospitality and Tourism Professional Selling 

Chikodi Ibe - Innovation Plan 

Regan Doppelt - Integrated Marketing Campaign - Service 

Taylor Pendleton - Integrated Marketing Campaign - Product 

Nick Sanders and Maddie Hardwick - Integrated Marketing Campaign - Event  

Mara Cockerell and Lauryn Zilles - Business Law and Ethics Team 

Sam Despain - Food Marketing Series 

Layne Tobe - Business Services Series Event 

Allison Jackson - Automotive Services Series Event 

Cierstin Walden - Principles of Marketing

Danielle Coomer - Principles of Business Management and Administration 



Mia  Yingling - Hospitality and Tourism Professional Selling 

Tatum Brookhart and Ashleigh Walker - Travel and Tourism Team 

Tinnlee Wadino and Kyrceee Vincent - Hospitality Services Team 

Jossalynne Wilt - Food Marketing Series 

Ceira Goin - Quick Serve Restaurant Management Series 

Addison Yingling - Retail Merchandising Series 

Caleb Jones - Hotel and Lodging Management Series Event 

Lindsay Gaul - Principles of Marketing 

Dominic Smith - Principles of Business Management and Administration 



Bryanna Robinson - Retail Merchandising Series

Abby Gaul - Marketing Communications Series 


Medal Winners


Megan Rasor and Makayla Kempton - Integrated Marketing Campaign - Service 

Zoe Smith - Principles of Hospitality 



Carly Wagoner - Integrated Marketing Campaign - Product 

Brandie Ewing and Jordyn Lewis - Business Law and Ethics Team 

Chloe Bragg and Phoebe Caraway - Entrepreneurship Team 

Aiden Lykins and Eli Mosher - Sports and Entertainment Team 

Carly Sherwood - Automotive Services Marketing Series 

Parker Bickel- Principles of Business Management and Administration 

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