StopFinder Information

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Last Updated: 10/6/2020 6:09 PM

Northmont City Schools new parent transportation app, Stopfinder, is the easy to use, app that allows you to have the most accurate information about your child’s bus schedule at any time from anywhere. 

The email address that is currently on file with the district, the address used for this communication, will be used for Stopfinder setup. If you need to update your primary email address, please contact your building to make the change immediately.

Stopfinder can be downloaded for free from the App Store or Google Play. As an added security feature, you will have 7 days from the time the email invitation is sent to sign in to StopFinder and set a password. This will give you access to your child's bus information. Stopfinder will require an invite and registration through the district prior to accessing your child’s transportation schedule. 



The email from the transportation team will inform you that StopFinder is now turned on for you. You can also share this information with whomever you like, you are not required to share your child’s bus information, just know that you can if you need to.